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Video monitoring

Video surveillance systems have become an integral part of our lives. Thousands of cameras connected to digital video surveillance systems protect businesses and homes from theft, fire, and allow a peaceful and organized work. Installation of CCTV system provides a maximum amount of information about the surrounding space, and coming from a threat, but because most cameras of various designs have become the most popular element of any security. The image of all installed cameras at the facility broadcast by wire or radio channels to a centralized video server, which is processed by special software and displayed on a monitor, allowing you to observe what is happening in real time from anywhere in the world. The latest generation of video cameras will reduce the burden on operators, processing and analyzing the data much faster than human, and when it detects non-compliance report to the operator about the problem. They also do not require periodic Adjustment for change in light of the time, range of observation. Professional video surveillance system automatically responds to the slightest movement, giving the alarm, and recording the image in the archive.

In general, professionally designed and installed video-sisiemy reliable insurance company from any unpleasant surprises.