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About us

The company was founded in SILKO serviss 2010 March 2 and is a continuation of SILKO SIA (founded in 2005).
Our team consists of people working in the field of Telecommunications for years, but still interested in all new and inovativnym in this area.


Internet TV: IPTV

A new generation of television, if you have high speed internet access, this offer is for you! High quality resolution, HD channels, approximating the image to the virtual reality, no additional antennas or other clutter, except for a small decoder. More than 60 channels ranging from 7 LVL per month.

The project of underground utilities in Salaspils

Finally good news for residents of Salaspils, the long-awaited project of laying fiber backbone to the houses along the streets Baznicas, Kalnrozes, Malienas entered the final stage of preparation, ie at the moment we are in the stage of signing of the project by all land owners through whose areas will be an underground line.