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Despite changing world, who occupied the cell phones and the Internet, there is still some value, which is already more than 130 years, landline or home phone, which does not depend on the terrain and access towers. Development of the phone is also not standing still, in addition to classic features classic conversations and fax numbers, a new service - Fax to e-mail that has radically changed the perception of the fax. For this service we can provide a new number, or if the customer wants, it is possible to keep the old number. Fax to e-mail allows you to send and receive documents in the format. PDF simultaneously from multiple mailboxes. Strengths of this service:

  • save paper and ink cartridges as You can choose what to print and what not.
  • saves time, because send or receive a fax you can not get up from their desks.
  • saves money because international connection will be priced at a local connection.
  • free line is always sending or receiving a fax.
  • all you need - an internet connection.

Through our partners, we offer vysokochestotnuyu and tsyfrovuyu transmission of voice data (VoIP). Pros of this connection:

  • can save considerable phone bills.
  • opportunity to conduct a video call without changing the price of a call.
  • opportunity to conduct a video conference at the price of an ordinary call.
  • opportunity to keep the old number.
  • all you need - an internet connection.

The subscription fee by choosing any type phone service starts at 3.57EUR

Calls to Latvia

Direction EUR/min
Information 118, 117, 1180, 11880 0,57
Lattelekom Latvia 0,04
LMT/Tele2 0,144
Telenet 0,0000

Calls abroad

Direction EUR/min
Estonia 0,121
Estonia GSM 0,239
Lithuania 0,121
Lithuania GSM 0,239
Russia 0,121
Russian commercial network 0,181
Ukraine 0,121
Ukraine GSM 0,239
Belarus 0,239
Belarus GSM 0,266
Germany 0,121
Germany GSM 0,266
USA 0,714
Ireland 0,085
Ireland GSM 0,266
UK 0,121
UK GSM 0,239
France 0,121
France GSM 0,266
Italy 0,121
Italy GSM 0,266
Sweden 0,121
Sweden GSM 0,266
Denmark 0,121
Denmark GSM 0,266
Poland 0,121
Poland GSM 0,266
Finland 0,121
Finland GSM 0,239
Canada 0,121
Belgium 0,121
Belgium GSM 0,266
Israel 0,121
Israel GSM 0,472
China 0,121
China GSM 0,266
Netherlands 0,121
Netherlands GSM 0,266
Othre countries 0,642
Inmarsat 5.000