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Now hard to imagine a home or office without having to connect to the Internet. We offer several connectivity options, the choice depends on tehnicheskoi part, and on your budget.

The connection types can be the following: radio address, the connection to twisted pair or optical connection, each type of connection depends on tehnicheskoi opportunities.

We work in Riga and outside it, in the apartment, and private homes.


10 Mbit/s ( to ) 35 Mbit/s ( to ) 100 Mbit/s ( to )
8.70EUR 11.70EUR 17.40EUR


Internet + TV Internet + TV + Phone Internet + Phone
21.40EUR 22.90EUR 11.40EUR

Prices may vary depending on the location and extent of the connection. For corporate clients, price depends on the complexity of connections and the need for a guaranteed connection speed.
All prices are inclusive of VAT (22%).