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About us

The company was founded in SILKO serviss 2010 March 2 and is a continuation of SILKO SIA (founded in 2005).
Our team consists of people working in the field of Telecommunications for years, but still interested in all new and inovativnym in this area.
At the moment we are working in Latvia - from Daugavpils to Cesis, Ventspils to Salaspils from offering their services not only in the installation, Internet service, TV, telephony and data transmission to support surveillance, which together allows us to see what is happening in your home or another place chosen by you from anywhere in the world.
Our company continues to learn and grow, as we believe that staying on something one is not going forward, not making mistakes and learning from them, it's easy to fall into stagnation, that in our rapidly changing and evolving industry Telecommunications means one thing - Death.
We love our customers and we try whenever possible to better understand their wishes, what would offer the best solution.
We are trusted by and large enterprises and small companies, and legal and natural persons, and for each of them we search and find the optimal solution.
Welcome to our world!